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Message from Chairman

We have been providing a 'home solution' to make everyday life easy, but we want to start trying to provide a 'Japan Solution'. By responding quickly to the changing times and exert all of our company's strength. By doing so, we will be able to excavate more and more markets, leading to us being able to 'serve the community by maintaining steady growth' as stated in our corporate principles. 



Our motto is "easy living" and we continued to stay focus to develop new products that give a solution for your current living lifestyle.

Home Solutions

Whether it is about lightings, home appliance, housewares, storage, gardening, pet products or food........we have the solutions. We have a complete home solutions for all your needs. 

Thanks to the dedicated team in Japan, Europe, USA, China etc.

Iris Ohyama IC-FAC2

Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner by Iris Ohyama Japan

220v-240v, 50/60Hz, 400W

UV Technology ● Power cord length 4M  ● Number of vibrations: (beating) about 6,000 times per minute.

English Instruction Manual 

● Japanese instruction manual URL (PDF): For Japanese Users http://www.irisohyama.co.jp/products/manual/pdf/273104.pdfEnglish Instruction Manual

3pin plug approved by Singapore PSB

Approved Safety Mark

Iris Ohyama - Vacuum IC-FAC2

Iris Ohyama - Dust Mite Vacuum IC-FDC1C

Ideal solution for cleaning of dust mites  mattresses, sofa, car seats, soft toys, curtains and more

Dust sensors and indicator lights on vacuum easily show the dust level

Built-in agitator Loosens dust and dirt for easier cleaning dust mite cleaner